Barefoot Ceilidh Band

The Barefoot Ceilidh Band is a small, somewhat eclectic group of Brisbane musicians assembled in early 2016 specifically for the “Barefoot” project. The band’s members range from young to old, and from hobbyist to career musician, but they have managed to band together to produce thoroughly charming interpretations of some folk standards. Merinda Dias-Jayasinha is a gifted jazz vocalist, whose passion and commitment has led her to share the stage with a who’s who of jazz musicians, performing locally and nationally. Ian “Sal” Shawsmith is a local rock legend and session guitarist, par excellence. Brendan Williams has been a part of the Brisbane folk scene for many years, both as a performer and teacher, and hosts a number of Celtic music circles including the long-running sessions at Celtic Corner, Manly. David Spotswood is a compulsive drummer and composer, who loves honing his craft and teaching it to others. James Hurwood started his drumming under pipe band drumming legend, Doug Lawrie, and now focuses mainly on playing kit and cajon. Peter Hurwood is a musical jack-of-all-trades with a deep love of Celtic instruments and music.